Our Mission

The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park Committee’s mission is to plan, build, equip and maintain a park to honor military veterans of the United States of America who are currently living in Carroll County, who have lived in Carroll County at some time or who have Carroll County connections and who honorably served their country. This includes any period of service in the Armed Forces in which the individual is currently serving or has been honorably separated from active or inactive service, beginning with the American Revolution.
We, all volunteers, want to promote patriotism and to provide recognition to veterans of all U. S. Military Forces, past, present, and future.
Our goal is to raise funds and accept donations to support the establishment and maintenance of a Veterans Memorial Park as a non-profit organization.


McIntosh Trail Chapter Military Officers Association of America will lay WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA on Saturday December 16 at 12:00 noon.



Goals and Objectives

Our main priority is to provide the Veterans of Carroll County an appropriate memorial. We want to have a prestigious place to assemble for Memorial and Veterans Day Programs, as well as a place for individuals and families to have a quiet place to remember their loved ones.
To date we have completed 24 Walls of Honor containing 1,152 individual plaques showing name, rank, and service record. We are currently working on wall number 25 (which will need to be constructed from the foundation – we are in the process of raising funds).
The Killed In Action Walls are up to date and contain all the Carroll County Veterans of all the U. S. wars beginning with the American Revolution.
All Branches of the U. S. Military are represented on the Emblem Wall, which is complete.
The Contributor Wall of Honor has been constructed and is being updated as new contributors qualify. It contains the names of those who gave $500 or more toward building the park. Without this group of patriotic citizens, we would not have a park.
Walkways, a flagpole, lamp posts, benches, irrigation system, and some landscaping have been put in place but more is needed. Our goal is to make this the prettiest and most impressive place in Carroll County because that is what our Veterans and Troops deserve.
Eventually we want to have funds available to care for the park and continue to add names as long as there are wars in which Americans serve their country, or until the Lord comes again!

Donate to the Park

Make a donation to the park to help us continuing honor our veterans.

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For general information about the Park:
PRESIDENT Donald Levans 678­246­8446 donlevans@msn.com
For information about events at the Park:
PARK EVENTS Barry Gardner 770­838­0080 bjg008@bellsouth.net
For Information or concerns about the Grounds:
GROUNDS Wayne Driver ( 678­477­6872 wdriver0947@att.net
To Purchase Plaques on the Walls of Honor:
CREDENTIALS Charles Griffin 770­855­0291 chasdell@bellsouth.net
Ron Knowles 404­747­9785 roneknowles@hotmail.com

Proof of military service is required when ordering a plaque. Most frequently this is in the form of a Discharge paper (usually has form #dd214 in the lower left corner of page)