Wall of Honor

The plaques are the centerpiece of our park! They are our reason for being here. Each plaque contains the name, branch of service, years of service, rank, specific medals awarded, and War in which served.

To find the Wall that holds the plaque of a Service Member, type the last name in the “Search” space and when the list of persons with that name popup, click on the ones that you want and their Wall number will appear.

Each wall is identified by a number that is marked on each end of the wall. Each Wall contains 48 individual plaques and to find your individuals you will need to scan the entire wall until you locate the ones that you are looking for.


 Name Wall Number
Young, Robert R.16
Young, Hugh Lee1
Young, Hollis H12
Yearty, Roy F Sr8
Yearty, Jim (Junior)8
Yearty, Jim30
Yearty, Gene Autry30
Yearta, Robert L.15
Yates, Kenneth W. (Blue)15
Yates, J. Bernard (Blue)15
Yates, David L21
Wysoczynski, Donald T23
Wynn, Charlie D2
Wright, William H Sr12
Wright, Harvey R6
Wright, Grady T12
Wright, Glenn N7
Wright Ian D24
Wortmann, Mark S17
Wortmann, Bob L17
Worthy, William Steve8
Worthan, Tracy E9
Worthan, Algie L8
 Name Wall Number